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I’ve worked with Afrofusion TV to interview artists and persons of interest, and take photos at festivals and events related to the African Diaspora. Watch my interview of Etana, a Jamaican Reggae Artist.

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Coding Tutorials

I have a Youtube Channel where I mainly focus on tutorials

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Modern Day Psalms

This book showcases the inner feelings of the heart when in dialogue with God in modern day times. It’s a collection of 20 poems that express praise, worship, confession and reflection to God. Similar to how David spoke freely, without holding back, this book reflects the same.

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Black Girls CODE: Robot Expo Nov 2017 #volunteerbgcdet

Black Girls Code focuses on increasing the number of girls exposed to technology in America. I volunteer as a teacher’s assistant.

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Guest Posts on Diaspotechs

Diaspotechs is a nonprofit promoting tech thought leaders in the Diaspora. The articles I’ve written are:

  1. Innovation Driven by Data
  2. You need an APM Solution for your business, here’s why

Read my authored articles at Diaspotechs here

Ghost writing

I have ghostwritten & edited the below books.

The Patriotic Youth of Ghana – The Heroes and the Secret Weapon of the 2012 Election Petition

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What can Ghana Teach the World – The Case of the 2012 Electoral Petition

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Successful Enterprise Monitoring Projects

In this Pure Performance episode, I sat down with Andi Grabner and Brian Chandler to talk about how important it is to think about meta data, tagging strategies and automation before large scale rollouts and that one of the first question you need to ask is: who needs what type of data at which time through which channels.

Listen to the podcast here

Uncut Women in Tech – Diaspotechs

In this episode I sat down with Trish Gatsi and talked about my journey in tech as a Black Woman.

Listen to the podcast here

Public Speaking Engagements

Success in Tech for International Students & Foreign Workers

I spoke at Act-W 2021‘s virtual conference in August 2021, which was focused on Advancing the Careers of Technical Women. My talk was about Success in Tech for International Students and Foreign Workers.

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