In addition to volunteering for Microsoft Teals as a Computer Science Principles instructor, I also tutor coding, math and writing for all ages.

Public Speaking

I am available to speak at conferences, panels, meetups, school events etc on a variety of topics, but mainly focused on Women in Tech, Black in Tech and Immigrant workers in Tech.


I have experience creating logos, posters, flyers and banners in Adobe Photoshop.


View some of my interviews with AfroFusionTV, Code.org tutorials on Youtube, publications with DiaspoTechs and Podcast guest appearances.

About Me

Kayan Hales is a Jamaican native based in the U.S. who on a mission to improve knowledge sharing, primarily in tech.

In addition to her day job as a Technical Manager and Systems Monitoring & Performance Consultant, Kayan has spent the last 10 years doing graphic and web design for a variety of clients. This includes creating websites, flyers, tickets, posters, brochures, book covers, social media marketing, etc.

As a foreign worker and a minority here in the US, she tries to help those in the same boat, who are looking to dominate the tech industry while trying to adapt to a new culture and environment.

In her spare time, she enjoys Crossfit, hair care, books about dreams and Christian apologetics, and makes the occasional youtube video.


Kayan Hales

Feel free to use any of the Get In Touch options to contact me for any business inquiries relating to tutoring, design, writing, public speaking or IT consulting.